911 Addressing

The 911 Addressing office provides addresses to all structures in Forrest County and within city limits of both the Cities of Hattiesburg and Petal. The Addressing staff utilizes a vehicle equipped with a Global Positioning device (GPS), Laser Range finder and a Distance Measuring device which provides an accurate placement of road centerlines and structures. A 911 address helps to assist emergency services in responding to emergency calls. A faster response time can make a significant difference in survival and degree of recovery. However, the 911 location addresses are also often required for phone service, building permits, driver license renewals, banks, land titles, loans, mail delivery, utility services, and insurance companies and for other purposes requiring a site location.

In order to obtain a 911 address please contact The Emergency Management District at 601-545-4615 or email addressing department.

Contact Information

4080 U S Hwy 11
Hattiesburg, MS   39402
Phone: 601-545-4615
Fax: 601-545-4993
Email:  email addressing department
Office Hours:  7:30AM – 4:30PM Monday through Friday

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  When can I apply for my physical address?

A.  You can apply for a physical address as long as you have a driveway or flagged site where the future location will be located.  Vacant land will not receive a physical address.  You will need to obtain an address before you can apply for a building permit, perk test, telephone service or utility services.

Q.  Where do I post my address house number?

A.  The address number must be displayed on the front of the building or at the entrance to a building which is most clearly visible from the road during both day and night.  If a building sits off the road and cannot be seen from the road, a sign post needs to be placed at the end of the driveway nearest the road.  The house numbers need to be displayed on the sign post with a minimum of 3” reflective numbers.  The sign post will not be necessary if mailbox sits at driveway and numbers are displayed on the mailbox.

Q.  Who do I need to inform of my new address?

A.  You need to notify everyone of your address including the telephone company, bank, utility company, cable company, Tax Office, postal service and anyone else you do business with.

Q.  Why do I need a 9-1-1 address?

A.  The reason to implement 9-1-1 is to reduce the time it takes to respond to an emergency situation.

Q.  I don’t receive mail at my house.  Do I still need a 9-1-1 address?

A.  The 9-1-1 Dispatch Center needs to have a locatable address for every house that could potentially call 9-1-1.  Even if you receive mail at a P.O. Box or from another location, you must still have a 9-1-1 address.

Q.  How do they come up with my 9-1-1 address?

A.  A Distance Based Addressing scheme is used to determine your address.  Every 52.8 feet is a potential address.  The resulting number is the address.  Odd addresses are on the South or West side of the road, with the even on the North or East side of the road.  There is an exception to this rule when concerning a dead end road.

Q.  Why do I have to notify the phone company if my address changes?

A.  Even though we maintain a database of all structures in the County, we cannot keep up with changes in telephone numbers, people moving, etc.  If your address changes for any reason, you must contact your telephone company.  If you need to call 9-1-1, it will be from a telephone.  Only the phone company has an up-to-date database of all telephone numbers and the addresses for them.  If the telephone company doesn’t know where you live, neither will the emergency services that respond to the call from your house.

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