Our District



The Emergency Management District was established by Special Act of Legislation in 1985 (HB 1187) as an operational Emergency Management District to be governed by The Emergency Management Council whose members are made up by a representative appointed by the Forrest County Board of Supervisors; a representative appointed by the City of Hattiesburg; and representatives from local response agencies which include the Forrest County Sheriff’s Department, City of Hattiesburg Police and Fire, AAA Ambulance Service, Forrest General Hospital and the University of Southern Mississippi..


Our Facilities

 In 1995 The District moved into its present location at 4080 US Hwy 11, Hattiesburg.  The District is located at the intersection of Hwy 11 and I-59 at exit # 60.  The facility’s name is the HARVEL R. SMITH Emergency Operations Center and houses Administration, Emergency Management, Communications and 911 Addressing Offices.  Emergency Operations is located in the basement shelter area and is self contained for 24 hours operations in times of emergency and disaster.

A training center is also located on the District Complex which is used for training classes and workshops.  The center is also designed to provide housing for emergency workers when needed. 

Our Focus 

During mass disasters, our primary focus becomes response and recovery by coordinating available resources.  Disaster Mutual Aid Agreements and Resource Request Procedures are coordinated by our office.
We have procedures in place for requesting and utilizing aid from other local governments and from the State and Federal government.  We provide documentation for disaster relief and report mass casualties and property damages to related local, state and federal agencies.


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