Emergency Management

The Emergency Management District is a key agency in a disaster situation, we need not be “in charge”; rather, our responsibility is to ensure that someone is “in charge” – and that that person has access to the resources, skills, and knowledge necessary to manage the situation effectively.  The single most crucial aspect of effective emergency management is making sure before a disaster occurs responsibility, authority, and channels of communication are clearly delineated.


The Emergency Management District coordinates agencies in PREPAREDNESS –  RESPONSE – RECOVERY and MITIGATION in a local disaster event.


Emergency Operations Center “EOC”

The EOC is available for 24-hour operations in times of emergency and disaster and becomes operational during severe weather, floods, large scale technological incidents events, and in cases of national or international crisis.

The EOC provides the following services:

  • WARNING SYSTEMS – A paging system which enables rapid notification of danger to LOCAL; volunteer fire departments, schools, hospitals, law enforcement and media.
  • WEATHER INFORMATION – The official cooperative reporting observer for the National Weather Service.  Public weather forecast is available by calling:  601-544-1763.
  • STORM READY COMMUNITY – Both Forrest County and the City of Hattiesburg meet strict requirements to qualify as Storm Ready Communities through the National Weather Service.
  • COMMUNITY PREPAREDNESS – Test and exercises are conducted in areas of natural and man-made emergencies to enhance rapid notification and response to such an event.  Emergency Plans are coordinated with local responders to insure swift response.
  • SHELTERING AND VOLUNTEER AGENCIES – The EOC works hand in hand with local Volunteer Response Agencies such as American Red Cross and the Salvation Army, to provide suitable sheltering and food in times of disaster and emergencies.
  • PUBLIC EDUCATION – Training classes, preparedness presentations, brochures and Public Information is available by calling: 601-544-5911.

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